Lyndia Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Lyndia Wu obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering in the Engineering Science Program at the University of Toronto. Then, she completed her Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering at Stanford University, and pursued a postdoctoral researcher position in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Her general research interest is to develop engineering tools to better understand and improve human health.


Research Fellow

Adam Clansey, Ph.D. Research Associate in Mechanical Engineering

“While trying to navigate through the sea of subjectivity in search of a more objective reality, Adam’s research focuses on a multi-modality data approach by the use of neuroimaging, biomechanics, and neurocognitive function in the quest (emphasis on quest) to further understand injury mechanisms in athletic populations.”



Graduate Students

Calvin Zhuhan Qiao, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

“Using emerging and higher-resolution quantitative instruments such as balance robotic platforms, virtual reality, and electrical vestibular stimulation, my research investigates the injury mechanisms of sensorimotor deficits (in particular, standing balance function) post-concussion.” Calvin is currently recruiting volunteers for his research projects. For more details, please visit the Opportunities page.


Ahmad Rezaei, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

“To better understand brain injury mechanisms, my research focuses on improving the existing solutions for measuring head impact frequency and magnitude in sports using the emerging strong solutions in machine/deep learning, sensor data fusion, and signal processing.”

Rebecca Kenny, PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

“My research focuses on the repetitive nature of sub-concussive impacts in soccer. Using a combination of electroencephalography (EEG) and wearable sensors, I will evaluate the head kinematic characteristics of heading in soccer and determine whether heading in soccer contributes to changes in brain function in female collegiate soccer players.”


Ryan Takagi, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

“I’m interested in learning more about the objective ways of measuring brain activity and how these techniques may be used to to study the many factors that influence concussion risk, prognosis, and recovery.”


Zaryan Masood, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

“My research aims to understand concussion risk and recovery mechanisms using instrumented mouthguards in athletic populations. This research can drive a more robust return-to-sport protocol for concussed athletes and can foster injury prevention technologies and guidelines. “


Cidnee Luu, MASc in Biomedical Engineering

“My research focuses on wearable EEG development for measurement of brain activity in real world scenarios, which is a component of the MoBI systems project. Working on the development of MoBI systems with me are Han, Kaylee, Atoosa, and Thomas.”


David Luke, MASc in Biomedical Engineering

“My research focuses on working with athlete populations to explore the relationship between subconcussive head impacts and brain electrophysiological changes. This work involves helping to develop a wearable EEG system that can be deployed to observe real-time brain disturbances during play.”


Keili Shepherd, MASc in Biomedical Engineering

“I am looking into the development of wearable technologies, such as EEG and EMG, to be used by athletes to capture real-world data. Capturing real time muscle activity and electrophysiological changes during head impacts will help better understand and prevent brain injury.”

Yuan Gao, MASc in Mechanical Engineering

“My research is focusing on developing EEG sensors that can be used for newborn babies for sleep quality measurements and brain development analysis.”


Undergraduate Students

Yi Yi Du, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

“My research focuses on investigating the effects of cerebrospinal fluid on concussion-induced brain deformation through the use of the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian finite element method. The goal is to improve the existing finite element models’ accuracy and bio-fidelity.”


Daniel Bondi, BSc in Biology with a minor in Kinesiology

“I am a Student Trainer for the Men’s Hockey team at UBC. I’ll be working with Adam on the CIHR concussion study focused on head impacts sustained by hockey players.”


Yuyang Zhang, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

“I am working on the VR eye-tracking system with Adam. Our goal is to quantify the effect of concussion on eye movements.”


Eric Liu, BASc in Engineering Science

“I am combining traditional frequency-domain metrics with time-domain complexity metrics to analyze the determinants of normal variability in resting state EEG signals.”



Adrien Noble, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Knight, BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, NSERC USRA Student

Derek Fong, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

Emma Park, BASc in Mechanical Engineering, SBME-CBR Summer Student

John Cookson, BASc in Engineering Science

Sharon Fan, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

Michael Giannini, MEng in Mechatronics Engineering

Ahmed Bahaa Eldin Moustafa, MEng in Mechanical Engineering

Sukhjinder Singh, MEng in Biomedical Engineering

Cyrus Titina, MEng in Mechanical Engineering

Hailee Hoffman, MEng in Mechanical Engineering

Timothy Wang, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

Chuck Wan, BASc in Electrical Engineering

Lindsay Smith, BASc in Mechanical Engineering

Atoosa Mahmoudian, BASc in Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Zhuang, BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto

Thomas Lynch, BASc in Mechanical Engineering


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